Hi! My name is Alfonso and I am Italian maker and creator of electric basses and guitars. After studying with master lute makers and acquiring expertise in an international institute for violin making, followed by twenty years experience as a musician, I began to work with various types of wood, transforming them into musical instruments. My specialty is conceiving and designing, as well as actually producing and repairing stringed instruments of the highest quality, transforming them into veritable modern works of art. My laboratory is located in Piana di Monte Verna, a charming little town just a few miles from Caserta. The area is well known for its beautiful countryside and verdant hills, pleasant life style, excellent food and generous hospitality. This village of just 2000 inhabitants is the perfect environment for crafting each individual instrument.

alfonso camarota

Luthier / instruments designer / musician

about instruments

All models stand out for their excellent sound performance, their comfort and balance, high sensitivity and playability and their classic aesthetic style. Camarota instruments have been designed and crafted for the working musician. Instruments are built exclusively using a bolt-on system, a solution chosen for its extraordinary acoustical impact that provides this particular type of construction with the highest level of performance. Necks have two graphite bars to increase stiffness, also improving the attack of the note, the slim neck profile is very comfortable and allows for a marked feel and playability.

My laboratory has a wide assortment of woods selected for their acoustic properties and over 20/30 years of natural seasoning. As of 2018 before delivery each instrument undergoes computerized rectification using the Plek system to ensure perfect results and unparalleled playability.

All Camarota basses are equipped with our proprietary custom made Impedence Camarota/Somma pickups offering high sound performance. Also available many others pickups brand such as Bartolini, Mama, Lollar, Nordstrand, EMG. My proprietary low noise preamps (only for Supertone Palladio model) are designed and handmade built with the best operational and coupling capacitors that do not modify the natural sound of the instrument.

Alfonso Camarota



Lello Somma

An extraordinary bass player and friend endowed with an impeccable “bionic” ear, Lello tests all new pickups and electronic models and concepts before their official presentation.

Pietro Paolo Veltre

An exceptional electric bass teacher, master of life and exquisite bass player as well as life-long friend. His position on the team is essential to my site. The photos above are his.