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Perfect playability thanks to Plek!

Does anyone like “plekkato”?

From today on all Camarota basses will be implemented the Plek system service.

What is Plek: Plek is a revolutionary system to achieve the highest level of playability and customization of your instrument, a formidable tool for analysis and diagnostics. In addition to precision at one hundredth of a millimeter, Plek is unique for the possibility of analyzing the instrument with the assembled ropes and providing information on the real bass trim, allowing precision and tolerances that are difficult to manually match. The use of Plek is decisive in all aspects of a bass or guitar setup. The considerable advantages are many, including perfect playability, perfect pitch for all keys, increase of sound and wealth of harmonics of the instrument, lengthening of the life of the keys.

All this and many other innovations on the construction site come to life at the Camarota laboratory!

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Camarota Instruments Alfonso Camarota CEO / Luthier / Musician

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