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Mama OMNIA series pickups

With our patented DYNAMIC SPLIT SYSTEM (DSS) you can finally have all the features of a humbucker and a true single-coil Jazz Bass in one pickup. The power and presence dell’humbucker or definition and naturalness of the single coil? All in one! By splitting a double coil OMNIA Bass Series 10 Kohm connected in series, with our innovative Dynamic Split System (DSS) you will have an authentic single-coil Jazz Bass 9 Kohm, eliminating the typical loss of signal presence and thus obtaining also a perfect balancing of the output volumes of both pickups.

Choose a Mama OMNIA pickup for your instrument. All possible sound combinations, from the classic “Jazz Bass sound” to the modern and incisive sound  in one instrument!


Camarota Instruments Alfonso Camarota CEO / Luthier / Musician

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