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The Vinta series in 4 or 5 strings

Born to satisfy the tastes of lovers of Old style suond the Vinta series is a simple but very powerful as a concept suitable for any kind. Available in 4 or 5 string bass is my vision of the concept of “classic sound” in terms of sound and design. Built with the best components presents an unmistakable look, “vintage” sound, playability and improved. The handle is very smooth, thin and has a very comfortable to C neck profile which increases the feel. Has within it two graphite rods that increase the overall sound, the sutain, the attack and increase the mechanical stiffness providing more stability over time even during temperature changes that put a strain on the handles making them move forcing the musician to continue adjustments.
The body is alder, poplar or swamp ash, passive design, configuration pickups JJ or PJ. Additional customization such as the active circuitry 2- or 3-way, positioning of pickups 60’s or 70’s, segnaposizioni in mother of pearl blocks, binding to handle all the colors available to customize their own style are available, from classic colors (sonic blue, fiesta red, vintage white) to transparent sunburst colors, metallic or sparkle colors. In short, there are many, take a look at the and Vinta page and discover them all if you do not find what you like contact me and I realize it for you!
I’ll wait in the lab for a test, you will not be disappointed !!! Bye!


Camarota Instruments Alfonso Camarota CEO / Luthier / Musician

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